Since 2018 Professional alluminum dia casting in India

ICON ALLOY CAST manufactures aluminium high pressure die casting and aluminium low pressure die casting products in its aluminium die-casting production plant located in Rajkot-Gujarat, India. With more than five years of casting manufacturing experience, annually and continuously increasing production capacity and export turnover, ICON ALLOY CAST supplies more than one hundred different aluminium die casting products to its clients in automotive, electronics, industrial goods and furniture industries.

We have integrated modern high-tech manufacturing industry focusing on researching, developing, and producing die pressed castings. Since the company was founded, it has been committed to improving production and manufacturing and technical services. With exquisite technology and excellent quality, it brings better experience for customers, and its considerate service has been praised by many customers.

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Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Products

See our products for all your needs.

Brake, ECU and EGR Parts

Industrial Enclosures and Housings

Housings and Plates

Motorbike Parts

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Our Tool Room is occupied with many number of Dies through which we can manufacture different die casting products. However,

During these production process steps, semi- finished goods are stored in our semi-finished goods warehouse with all the process information

The matter of quality of a structure existed in the ancient world. In India, the quality was directly related to