Pressure die casting

High-pressure die casting (HPDC) is particularly suitable for high production rates, and it is applied in several industrial fields; actually, approximately half of the world production of light metal castings is obtained by this technology. In the HPDC of aluminum alloys, cold-chamber die casting machines are typically used, in which the metal injection system is only in contact with the molten metal for a short period. Liquid metal, maintained in a holding furnace at a desired temperature, is generally ladled (or metered with some other method) into the shot sleeve for each cycle. Several operations are involved in the whole HPDC process, from the spraying and blowing out the die to the opening and closing of the die, even if the main steps are the filling of the shot chamber, the injection of the metal into the die, the solidification and the further extraction of the casting. Therefore, the HPDC is a complex process, not only due to the phase transformation the metal undergoes when solidifying in the die.

In fact:

  • The production of high-pressure die castings begins by first pouring liquid metal into a steel shot sleeve.
  • A piston accelerates quickly and transports the molten metal into a steel die, resulting in metal velocities between 30 m/s and 60 m/s (i.e. approximately 100–200 km/h).
  • The subsequent extremely short filling time(50–100 ms1,2) guarantees the perfect filling of complex-shaped castings with thin wall thickness, such as ribs, before metal solidification.
  • During the solidification, the metal contracts, leaving eventually shrinkage porosity in the casting.
  • The process tries to overcome these physical phenomena by pressing liquid metal into the die using several atmospheres (up to 120 MPa).

These machines are equipped with the manual loading of the material and we are planning to purchase Robots for loading the material, spraying the tool, and removing the parts. This automation level gives the advantage of higher productivity and better process control. we are producing a wide range of products with these machines.

We are equipped with two cold chambers high pressure die casting machines :

  • 180 Tons High Pressure Die Casting Machine
  • 250 Tons High Pressure Die Casting Machine